Minotaur IT can provide reliable remote backup services for your business.

Unlike many other remote backup services, your data will always be stored in the UK in one of our secure, access-controlled datacentres. These have multiple redundant links to the internet, a comprehensive backup power system and 24/7 monitoring of our servers all year round.

We also don’t force you to use a specific program for your remote backup – we’ll accept your data using the open-source rsync or rdiff-backup programs, with full end-to-end encryption over SSH with your own private key. Both programs are included with many Linux distributions, and Windows ‘ports’ are available.

You can back up as many machines as you like within your disk space allocation – unlike many other services, we don’t restrict you to a single machine.

Remote Backup
  • £15 + VAT per 100GB per month
  • Back up unlimited computers or servers
  • Use open-source tools to manage your backups
  • Full IPv6 support

To discuss our remote backup service, please contact us with your requirements.