Are you providing a service to your local area where a really catchy telephone number might bring you more business?

Gold Numbers are especially memorable numbers that your customers are unlikely to forget, such as 32 32 32, or 38 88 88.

Let us know what area code you require and we’ll let you have a list of the Gold Numbers in that range, with prices starting from as little as £250 + VAT.

Once you have a Gold Number from Minotaur IT, just like our standard numbers we can set them up however you wish. Here are a few ideas:

  • use them with a Voice over IP system
  • set up Fax to Email
  • make conference calls
  • set up a virtual office in a different area code
  • use a special number for a marketing campaign
  • forward calls to another number
  • take calls on your mobile without giving out your mobile number

Please contact us to discuss your numbering requirements.