This page contains important information about .uk domains on the “MINOTAUR” Nominet IPS Tag.

Terms and Conditions

If you register or renew a .uk domain, Nominet’s terms and conditions form a contract between you and Nominet.

By asking us to register or renew such a domain, you indicate you understand and agree to Nominet’s terms and conditions.

Domain Transfers

If you want to transfer your domain name(s) registered via Minotaur to another registrar, contact us with the details.

Minotaur does not charge for domain transfers, though your new registrar may charge. You may also contact Nominet and pay them to complete a transfer.

Contact Us

We are obliged to provide contact details so that members of the public (as well as customers) can contact us by email, phone and post. Those details are published on our contact us page.

If you are a client, you should expect to receive a response within 2 working days. We prioritise communication with our clients and do not usually deal direct with the general public. We will respond to any such contact once priority communications with our clients has been completed.

Abuse and Complaints

If you have a complaint or wish to report the abuse of one of our services, you may write to us, email us or telephone us. If your complaint is in regard to a client of ours, we may forward that complaint to our client, however we have no control over how and when they may respond.