Our sister company wyphy.net specialises in providing high speed wireless broadband to areas where existing broadband services either don’t exist, or only offer very poor speeds.

These forgotten rural areas are often uneconomic for BT or Virgin to lay fibre optic cables to the street cabinet, so the only broadband service has traditionally been at the end of a long copper line back to an old exchange that only supports 1st generation ADSL.

In many of these areas, wireless technology offers a massive boost to broadband speed at a fraction of the cost of digging up streets to lay new cable. You can then receive a fast wireless broadband connection with a discreet receiver fitted to your premises.

Live or work in Lincolnshire?

We know that much of Lincolnshire is overlooked when it comes to superfast broadband. That’s why North East Lincolnshire has been selected as our newest trial area. Over the coming months we’ll be bringing up to 50Mb connection speeds to rural villages in the area – in some cases nearly a 100 fold increase in broadband speeds.

Register your interest

If you’re in Lincolnshire and are fed up with slow broadband, please visit the wyphy.net website and register your interest for fast wireless broadband.