Ethernet Leased Line services from Minotaur IT provide reliable high speed links to the internet and between sites. They offer a dedicated connection with no contention.

Unlike many services advertised as fibre optic broadband which are really only fibre as far as the street cabinet, our ethernet services provide a true end-to-end fibre connection right into your premises. Unlike copper connections, latency is kept to a minimum and loss is negligible even over considerable distances.

Your full line speed is available, uncontended, at all times allowing fast and stable access. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) superior to those of broadband circuits are supplied on all services with guaranteed resolution times should a fault occur.

Most connections are supplied on either a 100Mb or 1Gb ‘bearer’ and you then pay a monthly fee for the data rate you commit to on that connection. We can either lock the connection to only allow you to use the speed you’ve paid for, or we can allow you to ‘burst’ the connection up to the full 100Mb or 1Gb speed for short periods – you just pay for the overage you incur.

Need more bandwidth?

You can increase the speed on your fibre connection up to the supported ‘bearer’ speed at any time as your needs grow.

For the ultimate in connectivity, we can provide connections all the way up to 10Gb, linked directly to our core network in London Docklands.

Site to site

We can also provide site to site connections over ethernet, allowing you to effectively treat the connection as a ‘piece of string’. You can use any protocols you want over the connection, including your own VLAN tags. We can also provide site to site and internet connectivity over the same connection: we’ll simply supply your internet connection in a separate VLAN.

If your sites are within 50Km of each other and have a direct line of sight between them, we can also provide point-to-point wireless links. These are often considerably cheaper than ethernet leased lines between the premises.