If you want more speed and/or redundancy but don’t want or can’t get a fibre leased line, you might consider load balancing two or more of our standard connections.

If you’re in an FTTC-enabled area, we can even mix FTTC and ADSL connections via diverse routes (e.g. FTTC via BT and ADSL via LLU) for better fault tolerance. If you’re some distance from your exchange and can only receive lower speeds on your line, you needn’t struggle with one connection. We can supply multiple ADSL connections, where possible via diverse routes (e.g. via both BT and LLU) and load balance these at your premises.

Little Red Router

The magic is done by the Little Red Router running the open-source pfSense routing software. We feed it any number of connections – FTTC via a VDSL modem; ADSL via a PPPoA to PPPoE bridge – and set up policy based routing according to your needs.

For our Telecoms clients that’ll usually involve ensuring that Voice over IP traffic is routed along a separate path to general internet access, thus ensuring call quality remains as high as possible.

For load balancing requirements with many connections, we use high performance x86-based servers with gigabit interfaces.


If a connection goes offline, all traffic reroutes to use the surviving connections with no user interaction. We can even configure the priority assigned to each connection, thus ensuring your slowest connections are only used for the least bandwidth-heavy traffic types.