At Minotaur IT we pride ourselves on providing an unfiltered and unmolested internet connection.

  • No port blocking
  • No forced proxies
  • No filtering

Port Blocking

Unlike some other providers, we do not restrict what ports you can open or what traffic types you can pass over your connection. Want to run a server from your premises? No problem.


We do not forcefully route your traffic via any proxies, hidden or otherwise, thus ensuring your traffic is routed to you via the most direct path possible.


We do not use equipment designed to deliberately filter access to any part of the internet. You can run your own firewall or restrictions on your own network as you see fit, or ask us to set one up for you. If parents are worried about their children’s internet usage, there are a number of off-the-shelf filtering packages on the market.

An unfiltered service doesn’t mean you can break the law; we can, and will suspend your service for breach of our Terms and Conditions.