Minotaur IT can provide ADSL broadband and FTTC broadband based on BT Wholesale, TalkTalk/CPW or Vodafone networks via a process called Local Loop Unbundling.

Local Loop Unbundling

Where a network has enabled an exchange for LLU service, they install their own equipment within the existing BT exchange, but not using BT Wholesale’s existing network. BT are still responsible for the copper cable between your premises and the exchange, but the backhaul from the exchange to our network is provided by the LLU operator rather than by BT Wholesale.

BT Wholesale

  • Extensive nationwide coverage
  • Free migration from other service providers where the service is also based on BT infrastructure

TalkTalk/CPW LLU

  • Good nationwide coverage, almost on par with BT in many areas
  • Newer equipment in the exchange; often ADSL2+ where BT Wholesale is still ADSL1

Vodafone LLU

  • Often better sync speeds, even on the same analogue line
  • Higher quality of backhaul rarely suffering capacity issues

When you order broadband from Minotaur IT, we will always try to give you the best speed available on your line, whether this be through BT Wholesale or via an LLU operator. If there’s a specific LLU network you want to use for your connection, please let us know when ordering and we’ll try to do so.