The speed you will get from ADSL and FTTC connections can vary considerably depending on what services your exchange supports and your distance from it.

When you take ADSL broadband from Minotaur IT, we will try to use the fastest available technology your line supports, unless you specifically ask us not to. We try to choose the best provider for each connection on a case-by-case basis. That might be BT’s Wholesale network if it’s ADSL2+ enabled, or it might be one of our LLU providers. Please see our BT or LLU page for the benefits of each approach.

About 20% of customers are connected to exchanges that BT Wholesale have not upgraded to support ADSL2+. In these cases, we’ll try to use an LLU provider wherever possible, but as these exchanges often serve rural areas, our usual LLU providers might not be available.

FTTC connections do not vary as much, but like ADSL, can still be affected by local factors such as the quality of the copper wire from the street cabinet to your premises, and indeed the quality of the wiring within your premises.

Please use the line checker for an indication of likely speeds at your location.